The Wall Street Journal

“[Elmore] examines an old story in a very new way, offering unaccustomed perspectives on a company whose leading product is a household name around the globe.”

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The New York Times

Halfway into “Citizen Coke,” Bartow J. Elmore describes taking a treacherous journey through an Indian jungle in 2010.

This vivid, suspenseful scene encapsulates the book’s essential argument: That for all its attempts to brand itself as an engine of economic development and a philanthropic force, Coke’s thirst for growth has turned it into a parasite on public health and the planet.

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Times Higher Education

Book of the Week

“This is a carefully researched and thoughtful history of a fascinating corporation, and a lesson in how this business grew and prospered largely through getting others to take the risks.”

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The American Interest

Anti-Coca-Cola activism has such potential to bring together health, environment, democracy, inequality, labor, and human rights concerns into a coherent vision for a better world. Citizen Coke is required reading for those who need the factual basis to take the first step toward realizing this potential.

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I was expecting standard fare in business writing — a straightforward chronology of the company from its beginnings as a cocaine-laced stimulant popular in the American South to today’s universal symbol of imperialism. But that’s not what I found. Citizen Coke by Bartow J. Elmore is much more than that, and much better.

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Ted Steinberg, author of Gotham Unbound: The Ecological History of Greater New York

“Coca-Cola is one of the most powerful economic institutions of our time, but its social and ecological impacts remain understudied. Now, in the hands of a talented young historian, corporate capitalism gets the attention it deserves in a careful dissection of the material underpinnings of the world’s most valuable brand. Citizen Coke will cause you to drink less and think more.”

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Vandana Shiva, author of Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply

“Citizen Coke is a brilliant analysis of Coke’s empire in ecological, economic, and social terms. It allows us to see the contours of an economy based on partnerships between governments and corporations like Coca-Cola. It makes us conscious of the giant ecological footprint of the Real Thing, which impacts the real lives of real people. If you want a deeper understanding of our world today, read Citizen Coke.”

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